“Perfect in terms of content”, Vanessa Garcia, Lawyer, Andre Teixeira & Associados, Rio de Janeiro

“Excellent presenter, kept us interested throughout the whole week, knowledgeable helpful, kept a good pace, and kept us amused with cartoons and stories”, Lindsey Ritchie, Senior Tax Advisor, Shell, UK

“I found this to be a useful course. I liked the focus on issue recognition. Much more useful than other approaches” Joel White, Senior Tax Adviser, Shell, Houston

“Very nice guy, he has the knowledge required to deliver the seminar, it was a pleasure to meet him” “It is a great Course not only for people working in the oil industry but also for people who render services to multinational corporations” Luis Martel, Lawyer, Turanzas, Bravo y Ambrosi, Mexico

“Very good, one of the best teachers that I’ve ever had. It will be very useful in my job. Wonderful course, we don not have anything similar in Brazil”, Fabio Nogueira Da Gama Forte, Petrobras, Brazil

“Excellent Course” “John is excellent, very clear, it was really interesting” Lior Pick, Lawyer, Lior Pick & Co. Law Offices, Israel

“This is an exciting experience that inspires further studies.” Katiana Bilda, Tax Coordinator, Repsol Brazil

“It is one of the best Courses I’ve participated in the last years”, Thais Rodrigues, Lawyer, Tauil & Chequer Advogados (Mayer Brown LLP), Brazil

“The Course is excellent and provided us with a very comprehensive view of taxation as a whole further than the O&G operations overall %”, Gileno Barreto, Partner, Loeser & Portela Advogados, Brazil

“Very comprehensive and enjoyable course which I believe will be very beneficial to my work” Robert Gareca, BHP Billiton, Australia

“Very good course, very practical”, Fernanda Melo, Tax Advisor, Odebrecht Oil and Gas, Brazil

“Mr Abrahamson is a very experienced professional and has excellent educational skills. He was very effective and very sympathetic to the very end”, Gileno Barreto, Partner, Loeser & Portela Advogados, Brazil

“Great, well-structured course”, Kelvin Chow, Tax Adviser, Shell International, UK

“Very good, useful course, well delivered!!”, Sander Van der Fluit, Transfer Pricing Lead Upstream, Shell International, The Netherlands

“Excellent”, Leandro Nogueira Da Silva, Petrobras, Brazil

“A very good speaker, perfect for non-English speakers, Emilio Flavio Guerra Gomes, Petrobras, Brazil

“For ones who work with planning tax, the Silver Course is unmissable. Beyond his technical knowledge, he is very likable”, Henrique Cesar Tupper de Menezes Santos, Petrobras, Brazil

“John made the content of the course interesting and kept me engaged throughout. Loved the cartoons!” Alesha Robinson, BHP Billiton, Australia

“Excellent. The course covered a number of areas that are new to me. John has an excellent presentation style. Explains some difficult topics in a clear way. Allowed internal discussion” Herman Steyn, BHP Billiton, Australia

“John talks very clearly, he is a very good teacher. He is a polite person with a nice sense of humour. The course is very good, with a lot of important information and impressive tax planning.” Junia Abrantes, El Paso Oil and Gas, Brazil

“Well structured, precise course, valuable experience inspiring you to explore further” Olga Gaponova, Supervising Senior, Deloitte, Cyprus

“The course was very interesting. It helped me organize and broaden my knowledge on several issues regarding international taxation” Maciej Trzebny, Tax Senior, Ernst & Young, Poland

“Very productive and comprehensive, without being ‘heavy’” Carolina Ibarra, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Brazil

“Excellent!” Patricia Rocha Rangel, Gaia Silva Gaede & Associados, Brazil

“Very kind person, open to comments and suggestions, knows taxation worldwide and very capable to teach. Deep insight into worldwide taxation, but adapted to the Brazilian reality. Great and applicable case studies”, Ralph Melles Sticca, Buranello & Passos Advogados, Brazil

“Mr Abrahamson is a wonderful professional. He combines a nice personality with a great way to teach. Perfect. Very intensive course and very concentrated information that we will work on and use in our company’s business”, Nora Vitkuniene, Tax Consultant, Roedl & Partner, Lithuania