International Tax Training

Sheltons International Tax Training Institute – Sheltons-SITTI

Sheltons International Tax Training Institute – Sheltons-SITTI is highly regarded for its deliverance of international taxation to the corporate world. Our educational institute was founded in 1997 and has delivered training in more than 50 cities throughout the world. The Sheltons SITTI courses has been reviewed and approved by hundreds of professionals. There is an emphasis on practical knowledge and we are constantly aiming to provide tangible learning. The objective is to prepare course participants for professional decision making.

Course content is designed and adjusted for the modern business arena, and case studies involve trending business topics. We emphasis class discussions and provide substantial course documentation to ensure greater learning. The courses are located in major cities around the world, and we only use premium facilities. It is also a significant occasion for you to network with other professionals.

Open courses
Sheltons-SITTI delivers an array of open courses in the span of a year. The courses are open to all, and no matter where held, the courses are usually attended by people from near and far.

In-house courses

The in-house course is a delivery method allowing us to tailor the content to the individual client, whether that be a government tax department, a professional firm, a multinational corporation, etc. The courses are utilised by clients to arrange specific learning for a selective group of participants. We customise and optimise the experience in collaboration with the respective client.

Our speakers
Our main speakers are Ned Shelton and Dr John Abrahamson, each bringing the experience that decades of international taxation and business exposure brings. Our external speakers are experts within their fields of international taxation and work to the sophisticated and highly professional standards we set.

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