Management team

Ned square Ned Shelton

Ned Shelton has worked with internationally operating clients for some 25 years, whilst based in Australia and in Europe.

Ned’s career has been focused on advising internationally operating clients. Historically his specialisation has been international tax, tax treaties and related areas, however in recent years Ned has invested most of his time in connection with the Australian (Sydney) office.

Ned and his team in Australia work solely with non-Australian based clients – whether they be exporting to Australia, setting up operations in the form of a fully-fledged operating company or perhaps with just one part-time employee in Australia. Ned’s work these days covers a wide range of business, tax, legal, accounting and administrative advice and assistance to this specific target group.

Under the banner of Sheltons-SITTI, Ned has organised and chaired many conferences and conducted numerous courses on international tax in various cities throughout the world.

Ned has conducted courses on an in-house and open basis in 25 cities in Europe, as well as in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Delhi, Sydney, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Mauritius and Curacao, often several times in each location. Among current in-house clients are the South Korean tax office (NTS), the Mexican tax office (SAT) and Shell (Royal Dutch Shell).

Apart from the Sheltons-SITTI courses and conferences, Ned has spoken at more than 80 international tax conferences organised by other parties including universities, professional bodies, government bodies, accounting networks and private firms, in some 35 countries.

Ned is continuously consulted by clients from all over the world on international tax matters, such clients ranging from individuals and funds to publicly-listed multinationals.

Ned has written a 650-page book on The Application and Interpretation of Tax Treaties at the request of Butterworths Tolleys / Lexis Nexis UK, one of the world’s most highly regarded legal publishers.

Ned qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Australia in 1983 and holds degrees in Commerce and in Law from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. He was a Tax Manager at Arthur Andersens in Sydney before moving to Europe. Before Arthur Andersens he was with Mann Judd (now HLB Mann Judd) in Sydney.

The Sheltons office in Australia avails of Ned’s knowledge of the tax, legal and business circumstances of many countries.

Sheltons is now in its 25th year of business – Ned having commenced Sheltons in the Netherlands in 1994.

Apart from his native English, Ned speaks Danish and reads Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish.


Ivan squareIvan Zammit

Ivan Zammit joined Sheltons in 2006 and is the director in charge of the Sheltons office in Malta, as well as being heavily involved in the Sheltons office in Denmark.

Originally from Malta, Ivan graduated with a Bachelor with Honours in Accountancy and Management from the University of Malta. Beginning his career in Malta with a Maltese consultancy firm, he moved into the private sector where he worked as a manager in one of the largest privately owned hotel groups in the world.

Ivan moved to Copenhagen in 2006, where he joined Sheltons working primarily with Danish company law, IFRS and Danish accounting as well as Maltese, Danish and international tax and VAT law. In 2009 he became the director in charge of the Sheltons office in Denmark.

After receiving his Adv. LLM in international tax law, Ivan accepted a position as a teaching assistant at Leiden University on the ‘Fundamentals of International taxation’ and ‘Tax treaties’ courses, both of which form part of the Adv. LLM program. During this time he kept his position at Sheltons working primarily on Danish, Maltese and international tax related matters.

In 2014, he headed back to Malta where he is now heading the Sheltons office there.

Ivan advises both corporate and individual clients. His experience includes advising on a wide variety of European cross-border activities, re-domiciliation and structuring including helping companies with their trading structures, IP ownership structuring, financing and generally about investing in or through Denmark and Malta.

Ivan focuses on a wide variety of tax matters, including:

• Personal tax planning (especially upon relocation)
• Transfer pricing
• Tax rulings and opinions
• Tax accounting for complex transactions
• Best practice review for corporate income taxes

Apart from his native English and Maltese, Ivan speaks fluent Danish and Italian and reads Spanish and French.


Andrew 9 squareAndrew Woods

Andrew Woods joined Sheltons in 2012 and is the director in charge of the Sheltons office in Denmark.

Originally, from the United Kingdom, Andrew graduated from the Institute of Management Accountants, Oxford. Prior to joining Sheltons, Andrew worked for a publicly listed biotech company as Chief Accountant and was instrumental in the initial offering of the company and then in further fundraising rounds with major investors from around the world. Andrew was heavily involved in the M&A of three European entities along with the opening and management of their US subsidiary in Rockerway New Jersey.

Andrew moved to Copenhagen in 2007 with the biotech company and then joined Sheltons in 2012 working primarily with Danish company law, IFRS and Danish accounting. In 2013, he become the director in charge of the Sheltons office in Denmark.

Since opening the Sheltons UK office Andrew has been heavily involved in the management and day to day activities of the office and is spending time  working in and for both offices.

In addition to this, Andrew is still acting as Company Secretary for a UK publicly listed company and sits on the Board of the Danish Rugby League Foundation along with other Danish client companies.


Gharfur 1Gharfur Barchia

Gharfur Barchia joined Sheltons in 2018 and is the director of the Sheltons office in Australia.

For twenty years, he has worked with internationally operating businesses building a strong tax, accounting, audit and commercial foundation. Gharfur has focused on advising privately owned, private equity funded as well as publicly listed enterprises on a broad range of financial, operational and strategic issues.

From a financial perspective, Ghafur’s role has been significantly hands-on, supporting and building lean finance departments; navigating complex tax and corporate regulatory compliance, raising capital from private and institutional investors; providing expert opinion on business, intangible asset and options valuations as well as risk analysis on funding business investments.

Operational initiatives that Ghafur has consulted and lead include workflow improvement; best practice financial reporting, redesigning governance and remuneration models as well as provided outsourced finance, HR and administration function support. From a strategic perspective, Ghafur has acquired extensive experience advising multinationals establishing their presence in Australia and abroad, optimising tax structures for domestic and international trade, negotiating commercial contracts, expansion through mergers and acquisitions; managing exits by trade sale and management buyouts; designing organisational governance; and scenario modelling expansion and exit scenarios.

His extensive experience has been reinforced by maintaining a profound understanding of the ever-changing regulatory tax, accounting and governance environment in Australia and internationally. Ghafur gained experience from working for a number of global firms like ING and PWC Australia as well as boutique and mid-tier firms in Sydney, Australia.

Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Australia and New Zealand in 2004, Ghafur now works collaboratively with Ned Shelton and other colleagues in the UK and Europe. He spearheads his team in Australia, advising and supporting businesses focused on international trade either non-Australian based clients exporting to Australia or those exporting from Australia, setting up operations through subsidiaries or branches or just simply employing one part-time employee.


Dr John Abrahamson

Dr John Abrahamson is the International Tax Partner at Sheltons-SITTI, International Tax Training.  He is a qualified Australian lawyer and Chartered Tax Advisor with over 30 years’ experience in international taxation, including General Manager International Taxation at Maersk Oil and Gas (Denmark), Structured Finance Executive at Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Sydney and Malta), Senior Tax Associate at Baker & McKenzie (Melbourne), and Tax Manager at Arthur Andersen and KPMG (Hong Kong).

John is the author of Tolley’s International Taxation of Upstream Oil and Gas (LexisNexis, 2014), Tolley’s International Taxation of Corporate Finance (LexisNexis, 2014), and International Taxation of Manufacturing and Distribution (Kluwer Law, 2016).

John has presented courses on international tax issues in London, Aberdeen, Jersey, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Zurich, Lugano, Warsaw, Cyprus, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, and Houston. John holds a PhD from the College of Law, Australian National University, Canberra.