“I think Ned Shelton is one of the best lecturers I have heard; and the contents of the Blue & Silver Courses are indispensable for any tax attorney, so I highly recommend them to all tax specialists.” Ana Bertha Thierry, Senior Attorney and former General Administrator of Large Tax Payers of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) in Mexico, Yanez Franco Et Al, Mexico

“Mr. Ned Shelton’s solid experience, knowledge and expertise showed in the Advanced International Taxation Principles & Planning (Silver course). It became a unique opportunity to enrich all participants careers, independent of each one’s skill on the subject. It’s undoubted that the usefulness of this training Course, surpassed everyone’s expectations.” José Francisco de C. Pereira , Senior Analyst – Tax Division , Esso Brasileira de Petroleo Limitada, Brazil

“The Sheltons’ Silver Course is a must for all bankers involved in Structured Finance – Financial Engineering. The course provides a complete kit to allow for a better understanding of international taxation principles and mechanics and, last but not least, how to put all this into practice.” Patrick De Meyer, Manager, Crédit Agricole Luxembourg – CALYON Group, Luxembourg

“The Blue and Silver Courses on international taxation exceeded by far my expectations. They cover theoretical and practical issues which makes them a series of outstanding courses. I have already recommended these courses to other colleagues who will attend.” Alejandro Barrera , Partner, Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C., Mexico

“I believe that the Blue Course is indispensable for everyone who works as a tax analyst. Wide and varied concepts are covered, double tax relief, interpretation of tax treaties and many others are good examples; showing how valuable this Blue Course is. The classes are well structured, being alternated with theory, practical content and the case studies. Beyond that I can assure that Mr Shelton is very clear and always available to discuss and solve any queries and doubts.” Henrique Cesar Tupper , Economist Consultant of Tax Planning Department of E&P , Petrobras Petroleo Brasilieiro S.A, Brazil

“I attended the Blue course in Cyprus. I learned how Double Tax Treaties are legally utilized by taxpayers. I used what I have learned to improve the content of a course on OECD Model that will be presented by Greek Government officials to tax assessors in Cyprus. I found the Blue Course to be well structured, very informative and very well delivered by Mr. Ned Shelton and look forward to attending future Sheltons-SITTI courses in Cyprus.” Athina Stephanou , Senior Principle Assessor , Ministry of Finance – Inland Revenue Dept., Cyprus

“The Advanced International Tax (Silver) Course, managed by Mr Ned Shelton; provides great background and knowledge on international tax techniques, including treaty shopping and holding companies structure. I was very impressed with Mr Ned Shelton’s expertise. I’m sure that we do not have any other course like it in Brazil!” Ivan Garcia Ferreira , Regional Senior Tax Manager, Motorola Industrial Ltda, Brazil

“I attended the Silver Course in Rio where I was the only participant from my country, and I really enjoyed the course very much! What I enjoyed the most was the case studies that we discussed, and of course the tax treaty part of the course also, which is a lot of help to me, in my day to day business. I will be attending your Gold Course and look forward to it!” Ana Laura Ghislandi , Manager in International Tax Planning , CHT Auditores y Consultores an independent member of Baker Tilly International, Uruguay

“For a tax specialist working in Brazil; Sheltons courses are a must! This statement is based on the fact that any international taxation course within the country is focused on the consequences of domestic tax legislation on international transactions, not on single concepts of international taxation. Moreover, it is also a great opportunity to be more familiar with OECD models and concepts, since Brazil is not an OECD member and, thus, we tend not to give the necessary attention to it’s important and influential definitions on international taxation.” Felipe Gamboa Alves da Costa, Direct Taxes Consultant, Shell Brasil Ltda., Brazil

“The entire course is of great value and absolutely recommendable. I really appreciate Mr. Shelton for lecturing the very “fundementals” of international taxation at an understandable level and sharing his rich tax experiences. Moreover, as a translator myself, working with such a renowned tax expert was such a thrill.” Jeeyeon, Tax Dept, Translator, Government National Tax Service, Korea

“This Sheltons-SITTI Blue Course was more than I expected. It was a great opportunity to be introduced to International taxation. We don’t have anything like it in Brazil!” Andrea Vitor Santos , Tax Manager , Alpargatas, Brazil

“An International tax course requires great knowledge and expertise. I’m glad that I have found it in this Sheltons-SITTI Blue Course, as well as Ned Shelton’s great ability as a speaker and a teacher.” Marcelo Tertuliano, Tax Manager, Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, Brazil