Ned Shelton

Managing Partner Sheltons, Denmark.

Ned Shelton has focused on advising internationally operating clients for some 25 years, whilst based in Australia and in Europe. Throughout his career, Ned has specialised in international tax, tax treaties and related areas.

Tax treaties has been Ned’s primary area of expertise for the past 20 years.

Under the banner of Sheltons-SITTI, Ned has organised and chaired many conferences and conducted numerous courses on international tax in various cities throughout the world.

Ned has conducted courses on an in-house and open basis in 25 cities in Europe, as well as in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Delhi, Sydney, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Mauritius and Curacao, often several times in each location.

Among in-house clients are international accounting networks, large accounting firms, law firms and various multinationals, including some of the world’s largest oil and gas operators as well as the major national oil and gas entities in several jurisdictions – including European, Latin American and Asian countries.

Ned has also conducted in-house courses for the South Korean tax office (NTS), the Mexican tax office (SAT) and the Danish tax office (Skat, now Skattestyrelsen).

Apart from the Sheltons-SITTI courses and conferences, Ned has spoken at more than 80 international tax conferences organised by other parties including universities, professional bodies, government bodies, accounting networks and private firms, in some 35 countries – primarily on the subject of tax treaties and related areas.

Ned is continuously consulted by clients from all over the world on international tax matters, such clients ranging from individuals and funds to publicly-listed multinationals.

Ned has written a 650-page book on The Application and Interpretation of Tax Treaties at the request of Butterworths Tolleys / Lexis Nexis UK, one of the world’s most highly regarded legal publishers.

Ned qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Australia in and holds degrees in Commerce and in Law from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. He was a Tax Manager at Arthur Andersens in Sydney before moving to Europe. Before Arthur Andersens he was with Mann Judd (now HLB Mann Judd) in Sydney.

Sheltons is now in its 25th year of business – Ned having commenced Sheltons in the Netherlands in 1994.

Sheltons Group is an entirely independent firm of tax advisers, accountants and business advisers, with offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Malta.

Each office provides a full range of accounting services and high-level local and international tax advice, as well as legal assistance and a wide variety of other services such as the provision of local directors, public officer (in Australia) and registered office, VAT/GST administration, payroll administration and the full range of tax compliance services, just to name some.

Apart from his native English, Ned speaks Danish and reads Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish.

Sheltons is an international tax advisory, training, and corporate services firm with offices in Denmark and Cyprus. Sheltons-SITTI has provided tax training since 1997 in numerous cities including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Mexico City, often many times in each city.

Email: N.Shelton@SheltonsGroup.com