ETL Global Conference Berlin 2023

Ned Shelton, Ivan Zammit, Stefano Oragano and Courtney Gleeson were thrilled to attend the ETL Global Conference 2023 in Berlin.

Sheltons have been a proud member of ETL GLOBAL for many years and the conference in Berlin was a great way to see other members representing various professional firms from around the world.

The main theme of the event was “Managing the Professional Service Firm”. A lot of emphasis was placed on practical knowledge and strategies that are implemented within the professional service firms that are part of the ETL GLOBAL network.

It was a wonderful opportunity to network with professionals, some old and many new faces! It is always great to connect with like-minded individuals and build on the relationships we have at ETL GLOBAL.

Ned, Ivan, Stefano and Courtney look forward to attending future ETL GLOBAL events and connecting with more members.

Ned Shelton (Managing Partner – Sheltons Australia, Sheltons Singapore, Sheltons UK)
Ivan Zammit (Partner – Sheltons Malta)
Stefano Oragano (Partner – Sheltons Denmark)
Courtney Gleeson (Partner – Sheltons Legal, Australia)


If you would like to speak to one of the partners, please visit our contact page.

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