Malta at a glance – February 2022

These emails are designed for those investing into Malta and those who have plans to do so. We aim to keep the points short and sweet, and to merely list snippets of relevant but easy to read information.

February 2022

  1. The earliest archaeological remains in Malta date back from around 5000 BCE. Neolithic farmers dwelled in caves such as those at Għar Dalam (near Birżebbuġa) or villages such as Skorba (near Żebbiegħ).  A unique underground burial chamber (called the Hypogeum) was uncovered in Raħal Ġdid, which became a designated UNESCO World Heritage site in 1980.
  2. The Maltese legal system has been shaped by the cross-currents that have left an indelible mark on its history. Roman Civil Law, the Napoleonic Code and English Common Law systems have all left strong influences on the Maltese legal system. Common law precepts are often referred to in matters of interpretation, but there is no binding doctrine of precedent.
  3. Malta was the first EU member state to regulate online gaming.  Today more than 10% of world gaming companies, including some of the most prestigious and household names are registered in Malta.  It is estimated that remote gaming accounts to approximately 13% of Malta’s GDP.
  4. Due to its strategic position, shipping is also one of the core pillars of the Maltese economy.  The Maltese Shipping Registry is the sixth largest registry (by tonnage) worldwide, and the largest registry in Europe.  An estimated 3,000 merchant ships accounting for 85 million gross tons are registered in Malta.
  5. The freshwater crab (Qabru) is an endemic species and one of Malta’s national symbols. Found in fresh water, natural pools and springs, the Qabru was minted on the Maltese currency (the Lira), prior to the adoption of the Euro in 2008.
  6. At almost 1,350 inhabitant per square kilometre, Malta is the fourth most densely populated country or territory in the world.
  7. Malta is a unitary, multiparty republic.  The President is the constitutional head of state, whilst the Prime Minister is the head of government.
  8. Malta is a member state of the European Union, the World Trade Organization, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. It’s main trading partners Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Libya and China.
  9. Despite its small size, Malta has a fledging film industry, having provided the backdrop to movies like  Gladiator, World War Z and Captain Philips as well as TV series like Game of Thrones.
  10. Founded in 1592, the University of Malta is the oldest university in the Commonwealth outside of Britain and offers undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees, post-graduate Master’s degrees and postgraduate Doctorates (PhD).

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